NWO Rules

We are not a clan, so, we don’t have a ton of “minimum skill levels” and whatnot.
But what we do have is a diverse group of people, with many different backgrounds.
That being said, we have only one real rule -

“be an understanding, polite, and courteous person”

To break that down further:
1. Try to keep it clean. (self explanatory… if you wouldn’t say it in front of your mom or sister…lets keep it to a minimum)
2. Take arguments elsewhere, or talk to an admin (admins@nwoutlaws.com). (Other than a small disagreement, don’t tie up servers/teamspeak/social media with your disputes. )
3. Respect other’s playing styles and skill level. (Basically, don’t ridicule someone for being a noob)
4. Read server-specific rules. (they are listed under the pages for the server)
5. Respect the admins. (self explanatory)

Other than that – its pretty common sense.

Donations and Community Input:

We value any and all donations and community input. However, those who donate on a regular basis and/or attend IRL meetings (announced on Facebook Group) will have the most say in what happens to the group and servers.
We refer to these members as NWO CORE members. 

Bans and other forms of “Punishment”:

We will issue warnings and bans across all social media and servers if necessary.
If you do get banned, please contact us at bans@nwoutlaws.com – any ban related emails sent to any other email address or posted anywhere else will be ignored.

1. Bans are rare, usually you will be temp-banned for a period of time or “jailed”.
2. We will always try to warn you before, ask that you behave better etc.
3. We will attempt to email you with the ban/punishment details (reasons etc)
4. The owner of the account banned IS FULLY RESPONSIBLE for all bans. If you share your account and that other person gets you banned, your problem.