Welcome to NWO

We are a group of geeks and gamers and based in the Pacific NW. We are not a “clan”, just a group with a name. We welcome any and all gamers, regardless of age or location! 

Games: We are a diverse group of gamers. We have people who are married, going to school, in the military, full time jobs, and lucky ones still in highschool. Likewise, the games we play vary from RPGs, to MMOs to FPSs.
Hit us up on Teamspeak, Facebook or our Steam Group and see what we’re playing!

Servers: We have run servers for Urban Terror, ET:QW, RTCW, Quake, BF1942, BF2, BF1942, BFBC2, Minecraft, DayZ. See the “Servers We Run” menu to see the servers we are currently running.

LAN Parties: Our past is sprinkled with LAN parties. Usually averaging only 12 or so players, we have hosted a half-dozen LAN parties in basements and other venues. Most of our LAN parties are in Portland, Oregon.

Who We Welcome: We welcome any and all. We only ask that you be an understanding, polite, and courteous person. We have a large variety of people from many different backgrounds – we ask that you keep that in mind while interacting with the group.